March - April 1994


By Bill Kirk

As we approached the old Victorian home in the heart of midtown, it didn't seem all that different from those around it. Tall trees shrouded the yard in shadows cast by an occasional street light. The porch was itself illuminated by a single light bulb which beckoned to us from the doorway on the porch above. Climbing the half dozen steps from the sidewalk below, we knocked on the screen door which rattled against the wooden frame. Before I could fully capture it in my field of view I detected the ominous blur of what could have been a black cat making a quiet dash across the foyer. It must have been my imagination, right?

Greeting us warmly, locally known psychic, Linda Schooler, ushered us in across hardwood floors which had seen many comings and goings since the house was built near the turn of the century. Moments later we were joined by Karen Inderland who, with Schooler, would be leading us on tonight's knowledge quest. This would be my first Tarot Card and Psychic Reading about which I strangely felt the same curious uncertainty that I had last experienced while listening to ghost stories around the campfires of my youth. Was it always just coincidence that our Scoutmaster told us to set up our camp within a stone's throw of a cemetery? Never underestimate the power of the mind.

Once inside the house, we looked for the obvious signs in our surroundings that this was a place where spirits and intuition reigned. Was it the candles carefully positioned on the antique oak and mahogany tables? Or the dark blue and deep red fabric of the antique sofa and chairs? Maybe it was the authentic looking black lace drape hanging in a window facing the darkened street outside.

But where were the crystal ball, tea leaves and incense? And to top it off, neither Inderland nor Schooler were dressed in multi-colored skirts, shawls, gold chains or silk bandanas. Even the plants seemed friendly. "Get a grip!" I said to myself, as I recognized the faint but familiar sounds of Jefferson Airplane playing in the background.

Indeed we did find a few spirits-wine, that is-to break the ice, along with several light snacks and mineral water for those wishing to keep a clear head. The large bowl of warm, freshly made popcorn was also very inviting and seemed to signal a full-length reading. We were beginning to feel downright at ease; nay, even excited about the prospects of what we might learn during the evening's adventure.

Tonight, according to Inderland and Schooler, we would experience an introductory journey where we had not yet gone before. In the space of two short hours, our two spiritual interpreters would suggest answers to several burning questions about what our city, state and nation can expect in 1994.

As we nested comfortably into our places, Inderland, our Tarot Card reader, and Schooler, our Psychic leader for the evening, sat on the floor across from us in front of a low coffee table. It was upon that table, Inderland explained, that the Tarot Cards would soon be spread. Inderland took her turn first, and then Schooler, establishing the general sequence of what would follow for the rest of the evening.

We decided to start off slowly, warming up with a question about whether alien beings would visit earth in 1994. According to Inderland, "a prominent person will admit he or she believes in the possibility, which will help bring to light a lot of information that has not been available to us before." Schooler agreed, explaining further that the person will have an "unusual experience", which will be down-played especially by doubters. She feels that what we learn in 1994 will not be generally accepted until 1996. So, stay tuned!

And what about Health Care Reform? Both of our hosts feel strongly that reform legislation will pass this year. Schooler narrowed that down further to "about mid-July, after a major struggle in the House and mediocre acceptance in the Senate." Inderland sees a struggle between supporters and opponents of reform but feels that the outcome will be positive.

As for the governor's race, Inderland did not hold back. "There may be a scandal attached to one or more of the people running for office… and the person who will be elected (will) not be the one picked the most likely to win." She notes that the victor appears to be very average, having led a low-key, yet eventful life so far.

Schooler explained her feelings along similar lines. "Brown will make a strong showing in the race, but I don't see her as the next head of state," she said. Her sense is that a very moderate Republican, who has more ties to the business community than to politics, will win, adding that "Tom Hayden may also throw his had into the ring as an independent." Could this mean a dark horse candidate stepping forward and eclipsing the current major contenders? The cards seem to indicate that 1994 could be a very interesting year politically.

Looking to the local scene, we asked about neighborhood life, the outlook for crime, prospects for downtown prosperity and how "bout those Kings? Schooler says that neighborhoods will become stronger in 1994, "and criminals will be having a more difficult time "earning a living" in the face of increasing involvement by the residents in neighborhood policing." Inderland agrees the "neighborhoods will have their hands full protecting their own interests," noting that residents will be joining forces to help each other against an initial flurry of criminal activity early in the year.

Unfortunately, says Schooler, crime against property will be up this year. "But the good news is that I sense crimes against people will be down. For Inderland, the cards indicate that "in the beginning of the year, our foundation will be shaken as families are in the spotlight, but there will be a stronger sense of unity in our city as neighbors respond together."

Downtown is looking good in 1994 according to Schooler who told us that Sacramento could well receive national attention for its achievements. "There is a good possibility that a world record of some sort will be set from the downtown area," she said. For Inderland, the Downtown Plaza will have some initial growing pains early in the year but she forecasts that "the problems will soon blow over and come February or March, this may be the most successful mall Sacramento has ever known."

The last prediction that Inderland and Schooler gave us was on the future of the Kings in 1994. So far their predictions have been strangely on the mark, realizing that they gave them to us well before Bobby Hurley's accident and before Jerry Reynolds made his announcement about leaving.

"Oouch!" said Inderland. "Some of the cards look like they hurt. There will be some new leadership and a need to heal early in 1994." She feels that there will be some harsh bottom lines drawn about which "there will be some irritation and hurt feelings, followed by a great awakening." Schooler cut to the chase. "They will place between 9th and 11th in their division and Bobby Hurley may suffer an injury to an ankle or leg which may sideline him for a period of time," she said. Finally, she indicated that "the coach will consider leaving or retiring" in 1994.

Doubters may say what they will about psychic predictions. But after rereading what Schooler and Inderland told us about the Kings, I think I'll take another look at what they said about Aliens….

* * *

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