Here is a full list of Bill Kirk's published books, as well as those which are coming soon. Although entertaining and fun to read, all these books also aim to help children in their learning, on topics as varied as spiders and the circulatory system! All Bill Kirk's picture books offer a colourful and enjoyable way to learn about some of the topics which children are likely to encounter. Written in rhyme, these are also a great way for children to practice and develop their own reading skills. To see what others think of these books, take a look at some of the great reviews which have been received by these publications and their author.


1. "There's A Spider In My Sink!" Written By Bill Kirk (PUBLISHED in January 2009)

There's A Spider In My Sink

Illustrated by Suzy Brown

"There's A Spider In My Sink!" describes a young boy's discovery that a spider has moved into the bathroom sink without even asking. It seems likable enough but after all, a boy's got hands to wash and teeth to brush and this spider is right in the way. So, what's a kid to do?

2. "No Bones About It" Written By Bill Kirk (PUBLISHED in July 2009)

No Bones About It

Illustrated by Eugene Ruble

Learning the bones in the human body can be a challenge for anyone. Using this clever learning tool in rhyme may be just what you've been looking for, no bones about it. You'll be amazed at how fast you will be able to learn them from head to toe.

3. "My Grandma's Kitchen Rules!" Written By Bill Kirk (PUBLISHED in August 2009)

My Grandma's Kitchen Rules

Illustrated by Marina Movshina

"My Grandma's Kitchen Rules" describes the endearing relationship between a boy and his Grandmother, whose tolerance and patience are nearly boundless except when it comes to ants. The double entendre in the title captures the grandma's sense of fun and the recognition that there are a few rules after all, especially in Grandma's kitchen.

4. "There's A Beetle In My Bed!" Written By Bill Kirk (PUBLISHED in November 2009)

There's A Beetle In My Bed

Illustrated by Suzy Brown

Imagine a little boys's surprise when a beetle shows up in his bed right at bed time. Just look at how big it's getting! Beetles are cute but couldn't it find somewhere else to sleep? Maybe Dad will know what to do. What do you think happens next?

5. "Circulation Celebration" Written By Bill Kirk (PUBLISHED in January 2010)

Circulation Celebration

Illustrated by Eugene Ruble

The circulatory system is not something you can easily get your hands on. So, learning about all the blood vessels and how the heart keeps the blood moving through your entire body, 24 hours a day isn't the easiest thing in the world. This book is here to help.

6. "A Mid-Summer's Dance" Written By Bill Kirk (PUBLISHED in November 2010)

A Mid-Summer's Dance

Illustrated by Clara Batton Smith

Imagine, if you will, the aerial dance of fireflies taking flight on a mid-summer's eve, accompanied by a summer-time symphony of frogs and cicadas, harmonizing as darkness falls. The rhythmic sounds of the outdoor concerto build to a crescendo, then fade into the night air until the next mid-summer's dance.

7. "Muscles Make Us Move" Written By Bill Kirk (PUBLISHED in July 2011)

Muscles Make Us Move

Illustrated by Eugene Ruble

Learning the major muscle groups in the human body can be a challenge. This book is here to help. Written in rhyme, the book breaks down the body's muscles into manageable chunks and it is loaded with interesting facts to stimulate your learning. You'll be amazed at how fast you will be able to learn and understand how your muscles keep you on the move.

8. "A Brainy Refrain" Written By Bill Kirk (PUBLISHED in February 2012)

A Brainy Refrain

Illustrated by Eugene Ruble

If you have ever wondered about the inner workings of the human brain and nervous system, this is the book to get you started. Its simple yet effective illustrations by Eugene Ruble and the catchy rhyming text will take you through all the nerve pathways to help you understand the basics of the nervous system from neuron to nerve center and back again.

9. "My Tooth Is Loose" Written By Bill Kirk (PUBLISHED in May 2012)

My Tooth Is Loose

Illustrated by Eugene Ruble

For anyone who has ever lost a tooth or will lose one sooner or later, this book's for you. Once again, Eugene Ruble brings the rhyming story to life with his illustrations. The book is also loaded with information about teeth and how to care for them, plus Factoids, a Word Match activity, Glossary and a Bonus Rhyme.

10. "The Skin We're In" Written By Bill Kirk (PUBLISHED in September 2012)

The Skin We're In

Illustrated by Eugene Ruble

Just think of all the surprising things our skin does for us. It keeps us warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot, not to mention keeping all our innerds from getting skinned. And if we didn't have skin, the phrase "getting under my skin" wouldn't mean anything at all.... This book is a fun way to help you learn about the different tissues that make up your skin and how skin works to keep you healthy. If you've been waiting to learn the real "skinny" about skin, your waiting is over.

11. "The Ins And Outs Of Air" Written By Bill Kirk (PUBLISHED May 2013)

The Ins And Outs Of Air

Illustrated by Eugene Ruble

The respiratory system is busy 24 hours a day, while we are awake and asleep. In fact, unless we are out of breath, we might not even know our lungs are on the job. This book will help you learn the basics about how the respiratory system works.

12. "Great Gobs Of Gustation" Written By Bill Kirk (PUBLISHED August 2013)

Great Gobs Of Gustation
Illustrated by Eugene Ruble

Did you know that kids have more taste buds than their parents and that some people are super-tasters because their sense of taste is so keen? How can we remember all the different tastes we have experienced in our lives? Keep reading to find out how it all works.

13. "Tissue Tantra" Written By Bill Kirk (PUBLISHED December 2013)

Tissue Tantra
Illustrated by Eugene Ruble

The human body is made up of all sorts of tissues. Some are specialized (such as cardiac muscle tissue found only in the heart). Other tissues (like epithelial tissue) are found several places in the body and perform many functions. Jump into this book and you'll learn them in no time.

14. "Once Upon An Eyeball" and "The Nose Knows Roses" Written By Bill Kirk (PUBLISHED May 2014)

Once Upon An Eyebal

Illustrated by Eugene Ruble

The eyes and nose are neighbors. So what better way to learn about both than through two short anatomical rhymes in the same book. Part I covers the eye and Part II is all about the nose. Whichever one you pick, you'll know them both in no time.

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