"There's A Spider In My Sink!"
Reviewed by Children's Author Mayra Calvani

There's A Spider In My Sink

"There's a spider in my sink!
Did he drop in from the brink?
Does he want a little drink?
There's a spider in my sink!"

Thus begins this very cute picture book young children will love listening to and early readers will enjoy reading on their own. The little boy in the story has a problem… a spider has suddenly taken possession of his sink! What is he to do? How to get rid of it without hurting it? After all, the only thing the spider wants is a safe home. But he has to do something! How will he be able to brush his teeth and comb his hair, when the sink is covered with cobwebs?

The story is written in iambic beat and has a smooth, fun rhythm that both children and adults will enjoy. The colorful illustrations by Suzy Brown are appealing and possess the right touch of wackiness that well suits the story.... (T)his is a delightful little book that teaches children the good side of spiders, while at the same time developing children's language and computer skills.

* * * * *

"There's A Spider In My Sink!" presents facts about spiders in a very delightful and interesting way! And the rhyming story is an excellent way to capture the interests of children.

Lee Gassaway
Genevieve Didion K-8 School, Sacramento, California

* * * * *

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