Let's face it, everyone has their own take on life--everyone has an opinion--whether it be on politics, on the economy, or on why residential speed bumps seem to have replaced sensibility and mutual respect in our neighborhoods. After all, wouldn't anyone in their right mind see things just like you do?

Well, maybe there are more like-minded people out there than you think.

Maybe you are not alone in your preference for laughter about our human frailties and foibles. If you would rather chuckle than cry, these musings are written just for you. Here's hoping some of these little snippets of weirdness will put a smile on your face.


"Christmas Tree Hunting--Not For The Faint Of Heart": If you have ever bought a Christmas tree, with or without help, you may find a sympathetic thread in this story.

"For The "Texting" Challenged Generation": A little something for those who actually remember telephones and whose thumbs seem to be too big or thumbnails not pointy enough....

"Blog Reading Early Warning (BREW) System": For anyone finding himself or herself outside the blogosphere and in need of an immediate reentry.

"We Don't Need No Stinking Copyrights, Do We?": Could there be someone wearing sleave garters and a green eye shade in Washington, D.C. waiting for our books to arrive?

"In Remembrance Of My Short Career As A Substitute Teacher": For all the teachers in the world, you are saints. For those among the rest of us who have merely substituted or those who may be considering it, this one's for you.

"Dick Van Dyke, Fashion Genius": For the "pants on the ground" generation, Dick Van Dyke beat you to it decades ago in "Mary Poppins"....

"Does Anyone Know Who 'stacie.1cams' is?": Written during the early days of computer pop-ups, this article may stimulate memories of your own experience with uninvited pop-ups flooding your computer screen.

"Garage Sales: The Truth Is In The Genes": My garage is half full, waiting for the next garage sale. But the fear of what it would take to actually have a garage sale is enough to keep the garage door down....

"Done Any House Cleaning Lately?": If you haven't been overcome by a wave of "dresignistance", it may only be a matter of time....

"The Shot Seen 'Round The World": What a strange Super Bowl half-time show it was. If you were watching, you may have gotten an eye full.

"They Just Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To": Getting rid of that old toaster can be like saying good-bye to an old friend.

"Technology Bites... I Mean Bytes": Hey! I learned how to tie my shoes. How hard can figuring out digital technology be?

"What The...? Did You Just Spill Your Milk?": On the vagaries of playing to the masses just to become a household name... and make a few bucks.

"Whatever Happened To "Writer's Cramp? (Will It Soon Be Replaced By TD?)": Those old enough to remember will fondly remember what writer's cramp is all about. Has that torment betwixt our digits been forever replaced by other digital afflictions?

"A Writer's Postal Excitement Scale": Here are the longed for responses from editors and publishers. Note: The order of their arrival may vary....

"From The "Burning Question" Department, What Is Tapioca Anyway?": Come on. You know you like it. But you ain't seen nothing yet....

"The Smell Of Success In Dollars And Scents": To clearly establish your identity and boost your bottom line, the path has suddenly become clear--get a fragrance.

"Got URL? The Worry And Wonder Of Websites": What's your Internet identity and what have you done to establish your personal "brand"?

"If You're On A Fixed Income, Stay Out Of The Post Office": The annual holiday ritual of mailing packages at the Post Office can really set you back these days.

"Two Nights, Two Skunks And The Boldness Of Noah": Some things in life should simply be experienced vicariously. A first-hand encounter with skunks is one of them.

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